Hi my name is Joseph Henry Reyes and I'm P-noy. I know how to sing, i can dance a little bit if someone is willing to teach me and i can act a little bit but again i need someone to teach me

Warnings about me

- I'm Hyperactive i do really big actions that attracts attention to the point that people are irritated
- I love games any single contraivance about a game, developer, maker, ratings and anything under the sun, i somehow know and i want to know
- I also love music, i love liking artist on facebook and listening to any music in the Billboard charts, well most of them, wether those songs are disposable after a year or not
- I love popcorn blockbuster movies but their quite time consuming due to the fact that it takes you mostly two hours to finish, but if the movie is worth it, i would definitely spent time seeing it
- I'm a chart maniac, i weekly check on every important entertainment chart in the industry, Billboard hot 100 and 200 charts, the box office film charts and the game sales chart
- I'm lazy most of the time
- I'm only smart when i want to be, so that means i'm stupid most of the time because it's just so much hard work being smart

Chasing the Superstar Life - Day 7: With A Passing Comes A New Chapter

It’s hard to think that you will never see your Grandmother forever, a death in the family is hard but i can cope but sometimes, i don’t. This is not easy for someone like myself because this is the biggest blow for me and all because karma wanted to knock me down a flight of stairs and karma reminded me to “remember your place human”. Karma, you made your point, i will remember my place and not be Cocky because of getting money. I want to create good Karma now, i want to forget everything that happened a few months ago, God i want this year to end so that i can make a fresh start and follow my dreams.

A month has passed since my last post and a lot has happened which i didn’t intend but was all good for me in the end. First of all, my second job started and the awkward stages of getting to know my wave mates is rinsing and repeating once again. I finally got to that point where a friendship with some of my wave mates was created naturally and i actually liked it for a change. The friends i have are diamonds buried in all that rubble of chaos and disarray and most of the time they shine despite all that. 

First Teletech Salary happened, Yeah that was a thing, this time i’m being smart and I’m saving a portion of my salary to my BPI Bank Account and a portion of it investing to the survival of my friends, because if i don’t do that, i will end up repeating the same mistakes i did back in NCO Marikina, i will end up spending my money on stupid stuff and fast food, but of course I’m not that nice to give it away - I’m lending it of course, but I’m not gonna be a Damn Loan Shark. But I’m also looking forward to investing my next two salaries on creating songs as an entry for the Philpop Songwriting Competition because you know, Money! I don’t intend to remain a Call Center Agent for too damn long, but i’ll work hard in the meantime, LORD HELP ME!

I also encountered the term Crab Mentality in the workplace, WHAT THE FUCKING HELL! What’s this Old Philippines, still living under the wing of Martial Law and making plastic comments and remarks about things that you shouldn’t even be making comments about. I don’t even fucking know if your trolling or just plain stupid, that is not a cool mentality to have, get with the new generation you morons, your acting like a sixty year old who is grumpy and cynical all the time, clanging metal things all over the place and drinking too much alcohol more than the normal human should drink, come on, get with the fucking program you Damn halfwits.

I wanted to do this blog because i want to get my anger out because I’m mourning for my Grandmother. My Lola has recently passed away and i don’t want to carry bitterness inside of me while I’m mourning for her. 

Lastly, i wanna say this, Lola i will dedicate my victories for the next 24 months to you because i broke my promise of letting you see me walk the stage and graduate, when in fact i haven’t graduated at all, i always love you Lola and never forget that.






Chasing the Superstar Life - Day 6: The Last Days of a Tambay

Ten Days has passed since my last post and a lot has happened and i mean a lot. A day after my last post, that night we decided to move out of Sampaloc because that was the only time that we can burrow the van in order for us to move, it was sneeze inducing, frustrating but most of all tiring as we try to pack everything up and I’m the one who is suppose to carry all the heavy stuff and it was just so chaotic.

For the next four days after our move was about processing the last paycheck i had with my previous company, that is the most tedious chore to take care of, good thing my mother was there to assist me. We had to get postal Id’s, Barangay Id’s and we had to create a new account with BPI to process a check, it was horrible and tiring but imagine that times four when your in my mother’s shoes so yeah, all that happened and them some that you don’t wanna know.

Friday was when i had to record my vocals to “Ikot nang iyong Mundo” with Vitto, i didn’t want to tell him I’m coming because the next day i have a youth seminar and i wasn’t used to Free Facebook for my smartphone since I’m a Globe user. We also recreated the third song for Impromptu, i kept saying “Pasintabi Lang” as the end phrase of the chorus, I’ll work on that and see if i can make the song the Rock Anthem for the Party Goers and Socialites. In the middle of all the things that I’ve been doing, wrapped around my own world, Super Typhoon Yolanda hit the Visayas Region and made six landfalls across the nation, the night i went home is when i watched television and watched the news about the devastation of Yolanda since we don’t have any internet. I call the landfall of Super Typhoon Yolanda the biggest “Shock and Awe” for the Republic of the Philippines, the aftermath is still unbelievable, so unbelievable that the whole nation started to take action for the recovery efforts.

The weekends i decided to attend the Youth Seminar that my mother was talking about, it was an enjoyable experience and i feel like i’m a bit more closer to God because of it. The seminar changed my mindset and my attitude towards life, because of it I need to consider saying po and opo all the time before i talk to an elder. There was a handsome nineteen year old in the youth seminar that i liked named Lance if I’m correct, i wanted to get to know him because i only had two days to get to know somebody there but i had to let it go because the last time i got to know somebody directly, it was Jake and Neal and yáll know how that turned out, just read my Day One post and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The next day after the seminar was rest day for me, my mother and my twin sisters, but the first blessing i received from the Lord was internet. PLDT told my mother that it might take two weeks till we get internet in our house but there it is. I also learned that day that praying for forgiveness can work wonders in your life.

Lastly, my last day which is yesterday - which was me needing to enjoy my day before i look for a Job - i received my BPI bank account yesterday and i gave most of my money to my mother because … well … Basic Needs. I ate dinner for the first time with my sister at Yoshinoya in Sm North, that was some unexpected bonding time that i now appreciate after two days of life changing lessons learened after my Youth Seminar .I watched “Thor: The Dark World” on an I-MAX 3D Theater because well … i have been wanting to watch it for two weeks now and once you go I-MAX you will never go back. I now appreciate the genius of Marvel Studios, never had a studio kept  me at the edge of my seat till the end credits of the film, the next installment is “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and I’m planning to watch it on the same format.

Overall it was an eventful Ten Days for me and I’m Hoping that the Day 7 post will have more events that i can talk about, both pleasantly unexpected and beautifully expected. That is the last day of me being a Tambay and now back to work







Chasing the Superstar Life - Day 5: Fantasy and Freedom then Boredom again

For days on end i have been bored out of my mind i was just going back and forth from Trinoma to our current home which is basically just a room and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and … Well you get the idea. I passed off the days by writing on a little notebook and a few donuts in a very fancy place that yáll don’t know about (It’s called Starbucks, yes a little indie coffee shop called Starbucks, whatever Douche Bags).

In this notebook i wrote my dreams, my desires, my fantasies, the likes that i wanted to happen in my life, and also what i want to happen in real life. I’m writing it on a little notebook named Miami Ink with a ballpoint pen named Blank Ink, i guess. For days i kept writing my feelings about myself in third person using a narrative kind of story telling. But then i got dissatisfied with that, ripped the pages all up and rewrote it once again. I wrote a Latin poem in the notebook just to see if any twisty mambo jumbo none sense will occur when i write it because Latin is an Elder language that is almost dead now and you know, it’s synonymous with magic and all that bullshit, i don’t believe it per se but it will not hurt me if i try right?! i mean not yet at least.

All of this building up to me going to payroll for my last paycheck and to free myself from the shackles of a corporation after a hundreds of hours of working overtime (just to find another and i’ll do the same thing all over again because you know money, JHOEY GOTTA EAT!). It wasn’t easy at first because i didn’t bring the required identification that the ELJ building’s reception staff required in order for me to get in so i had to return back home and get my school ID then go back again, which is a huge hassle, considering that i had to walk just to save money because we are running out of it apparently. So when i did return with the required ID, they asked me if i’m going to school and i answered that i was and i whispered but due to financial difficulty i had to stop momentarily. So i went upstairs and asked a guard where to go to get my paycheck and the guard told me to go inside, handed me a few contracts which will shatter my shackles from EGS and then a few moments later, presented it to payroll to get my paycheck and that was it went to the North Edsa twin malls to just pass off the time.

I have the paycheck and I’m not really able to process the money to my account till Monday and it’s already a holiday this Friday, i can’t tell you how much i earned for my last paycheck are you kidding me, if i tell you word is going to spread out and i might get kidnapped for the money alone

(Note: At least three people know my number already and none of them text-ed me as of the moment)





Chasing the Superstar Life - Day 4: Learning Lessons and Loneliness

I sometimes wonder if i will ever get that knack of being responsible in general, because i’m totally responsible for all the bullshit actions and words that i do in general, i’m a bullet sponge for insults, why can’t i learn to just be respectful of the people surrounding me and not revolve my life around me. I want to get that out of my chest because i feel that two people are already telling me to grow up and i’m just like a sponge, i absorb it all then i squeeze the them all out.

So i went to SM North Edsa Yesterday and it turns out that Their Quesedia and Burrito are legit, it’s delicious plus they put it more in the Burritos besides just meat :D It was expensive but it was all worth it kekeke XD

The next thing that i did was go to the Walang Tulugan Taping and stayed there till they are all finished with the taping (Sorry Ma, when i said i was going to work to inquire about my OT incentive, i lied, I’m trying to escape the confines of the the single room that we are trying to live in) Ken Chan, the very handsome Ken Steven Chan remembered my face after almost two years, but i’ll bet every hair on my body including my facial hair that he still doesn’t know my name, I wish i had the same humble attitude that KennyBoi has, he knows the faces and always has the time to spend 5 minutes with people and fans if he has time, I’m now officially a fan of Ken Steven A. Chan Fan (Sounds like a new Dish from Chowking eh! kekeke XD). Hideaki Torio also remembered my face despite my one and a half year absence, but like Ken Chan, I’ll bet a Plastic Surgery in my face that he doesn’t know my name as well, he got honest and told me i was getting fatter, four days of being squeezed in a room can increase obesity so it don’t matter, but he got insecure and asked me if he’s getting fatter (that’s a funny sentiment to ask of me).

It saddened me that after the Taping of Walang Tulugan that i don’t have somebody with me to go home with. It terrified me but at the same time i perished the thought and learned once again that i am a Lone Wolf and that i don’t have to worry about anybody else but me and me alone so i won’t bear responsibility for anybody else but me. I want to get rid of that mentality but until i become more responsible in general and become more mature then i’ll get rid of that mentality.





Chasing the Superstar Life - Day 3: Chained due to Money

In hind sight i shouldn’t have blown my money by going crazy and spending it in one night, now I’m stuck in this room with only a single chore which will allow me to get out of the house but not get far, you know, North Edsa far. Stupid money! Chaining me into this single room without question, and you know what’s worse, the money that I’m going to get on the 1st November, I’m not going to be able to spend it by the end of that month because of family needs, but at least i can say that i’ll be chained in another house when i get that money.

My Mother is kind enough to lend me 1K to me for a week then 1K the next week, you know because i have the money to pay her back, but when all of the money i have is gone, will i get ten times or ten thousand times the money that i have during that time or am i going to get a job once again, or maybe i could do both, you know to camouflage one from another :D

But all i know is I’m gonna chase the dream, i mean my dream, the dream that I’ve been longing for a decade now, i have the songwriting abilities, i just need to enhance my singing abilities, my dancing abilities and physical features to make it to the industry and start it with a bang, to surprise everyone even my mother with the improvements that i have done to myself. GOD HELP ME PLEASE!




Chasing the Superstar Life - Day 2: Gravity Can’t Forget

Looking back at what i had discussed during my Day 1 post, i find it funnier now than frustrating because I might look back at this and find how stupid i was during my five month stay in EGS Marikina, now that i finally got that out of my chest let’s get to telling the fun stuff i did.

I just felt like having fun before settling my Clearance in EGS Marikina so i went to SM North Edsa and just flip my money like Imma pimp, went to Shakeys and ate a full blown meal, Super Platter  and Lasagna with matching bottomless ice tea, i find the male waiters in Shakeys very handsome, i can sense that one of them is obviously gay, but even so he’s still very handsome and i have my eye set on him if ever i want to experience a gay relationship kekeke XD, I’m being a Johnny Boy again, Full Moon is affecting my psyche again (a decent translation for libido i guess kekeke XD)

Then after two to three months of not experiencing a Good film to watch on I-max 3D, i finally had a reason and a film to watch in it and it’s Gravity, i actually first heard of the film when i watched Man of Steel and Pacific Rim on I-max 3D because the trailer for the film is attached to those screenings and what my first impressions of the trailer is it’s a thriller that i don’t want to watch when i’m alone and so i didn’t plan to watch it. Only through word-of-mouth did i hear that it’s a good film to watch in I-max 3D and boy was my first impression of the film’s trailer was so off.

Gravity is one of those films that even the little details are so amazing that it takes my breathe away, Sandra Bullock’s acting is amazing as well, i feel the motherly love from her and the strength and determination with the character that she portrayed in the film, i was routing for her to succeed the entire time and she did. We need more empowering women on screen and Ryan Stone is arguably one of the best characters of 2013 in film. The premise for the film is good, a missile strike on a debunked Russian satellite makes it fictional but at the same time realistic (BTW: I don’t know what i’m talking about so take my statements about the film with a mountain of salt). The special effects of the film is amazing, there are three special effects that i like from the film The Aurora Borealis, The Satellite Debris and the Collision of the Satellite Debris to the Points of Interest in the story i.e. the International Space Station. That film is by far the best film that i ever saw this year, a concoction of special effects, emotions and story, it was worth the 400 pesos i spend when i watched it in I-Max 3D.

Then i settled my clearance to get my last paycheck and it turns out that my last paycheck is on November the First and i have to call payroll a day before to see if i’m going to get it  that time because it turns out that it’s a holiday. Jec, my former co-worker, was there and she’s pretty much bored so we played catch up and talked about pretty much what i talked about on Day 1 blog entry. It took two hours but i’m finally free of my shackles of the cubicle and it will take a long time before i can be drawn back into the cubicle for money.







Chasing the Superstar Life - Day 1: When Being Myself Causes Controversy

What i considered a simple gesture and a nice gift to break the ice is apparently a controversial topic for dozens of people surrounding those people that i gave it to. I don’t know if i consider them haters because their not, their just scared of my capabilities because they consider it not normal for somebody to give gifts to strangers, even those people that i gave it to considered it not normal, which caused me to question them and the people surrounding them, well not directly to them mind you but in my thoughts, I questioned whether the long hours that they’ve been working has caused them to not consider all the possibilities in life i.e. me giving J.Co and Teddy Bears. Apparently until now the people surrounding them are still asking questions why i did it, i already gave my explanation why i gave it to them, i don’t have to explain myself to their friends about why i did it because “Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give A Damn” Let them question it till the end of time because they don’t know me, they are scared shitless and i actually want to leave it that way because i don’t have to please everybody and tell them to calm the hell down

Another thing, i already said sorry to a Team Manager that i disrespected and my sorry is a very sincere one - At least i consider it a sincere one - but it turned half assed because that TM was quote unquote busy, the face of anger in her eyes are still there because she said - and i quote - that i was rude that time and i found out that she didn’t even accept the one dozen J Co. that i gave her and she left it rotting on her workstation. She’s being a bitch about it and being inconsiderate to be honest, I’m just gonna say this in this blog because she’s gonna be too busy in her own world and i don’t care if she’s friends with those two people that i like because if they ever read this you two need to live your lives outside the cubicle because you two are no fun anymore, But Come on! It was a good thing that i didn’t say something worse like “Bitch Stop with the questions and Fuck Off” and toned it down to a level that is considered tame, One day if you ever read this, Your still gonna be in your own world nothing but bitter and angry with the littlest of things and i’ll be on to the next one and i have already achieved a lot of number ones in my life.

I feel like I’m Miley Cyrus and people are talking about my VMA performance like it was a bad thing when it fact it’s just me being me and having fun, I feel like now i can relate to Miley’s Situation. I’m enjoying my life and I only live once and you only live once why not start things with a bang and just pretend that it’s normal, Okay i get it when i’m in a workplace i need to act like I’m a normal human being but because TM already gave the decision to not regularize me in EGS then i’m not gonna act like that, God has a reason why he didn’t regularize me in EGS Marikina and he gave me a sign before i got non-regularize that i need to pursue my dreams and become that person that i wanted to be in life. I’m not gonna replace being myself with the normalcy of the workplace anymore but if my thirty days of chasing the superstar life campaign doesn’t work then unfortunately i have to find another job and work for the man once again, which i hate, i wanna have creative freedom and the workplace is not a place for that. At least when i woke up this afternoon, i don’t feel like my soul is being torn apart because i settled everything with the people that i like and so i can listen to my music without ever feeling horrible.

That was three paragraphs long of me expressing my feelings about the workplace and now that’s done. Next up my First day of my Chasing a Superstar Life campaign, it was fruitful and full of Emperador Light shots, I sang the raggae version of “It will rain” with Vitto and i sang my heart out which i hadn’t done in a long time then I had a conversation with Kim about my experience with the workplace and how much overtime i rendered just to get money and all the things that i mentioned during the last three paragraphs she likes talking to me as always and i am grateful about that, i just felt so relaxed that afternoon and the sun was shining which was a sign that it was where i belong.

I finally let Vitto and Kim hear “Ikot nang iyong Mundo” for the first time, they said that lyrics are phenomenal and that they can’t wait till their vocalist/guitarist hear it and he said it was awesome and that was a boost of confidence for me because i wasn’t really getting inspiration from the workplace, Now I’m gonna use my experiences in the workplace as my inspiration for working with Impromptu Band’s new album and i got ideas for at least dozens of songs, at least something came out of me working in EGS for 5 months right?! 

That was a fruitful first day and i’m looking forward to the next 29 days





Chasing the Superstar Life Prelude Part 2

What did i tell you about people and places being unpredictable and how fun it is to make a plan when people decide to change their minds and collide with your schedule and everything goes to hell with a snap of a finger, I HATE IT! But like i said Yesterday, that what makes the “Chasing the Superstar Life” campaign interesting.

I will finish up with Working Title “Ikot nang iyong Mundo” today and tonight starts my first day of my CTSL Campaign with my Clearance Day, This is gonna be a long day because i have four people to clear things up with, make it five because i just want to know.

Today is also when i start to ask the hard questions to people while looking like a Fashionista Pimp to my eyes when i apparently look like a stalker of some sort from somewhere up the hills, probably Novaliches





Chasing the Superstar Life Prelude

I wanted to start this blog because it’s been a long time since i’ve posted on my Tumblr and i just want everybody to know that I’m back for a thirty day adventure until i can find another job with a better salary! This is the second day of me chasing the superstar life and so far the only interesting thing that I’m doing right now is songwriting and i don’t even know what to make of this song yet, it changes from deep to vengeful to hateful to obsessive, honestly this song is turning out to be quite a mess but that’s part of the songwriting process, this is gonna be a song that needs a lot of revisions dependent on what the opinion of Impromptu Band will be.

My goal right now is to maintain my friendships that i gained in my workplace when I’m outside of it, my attitude right now is “If you can’t beat them, then join them”, try to bring back life to my YouTube channel which is lifeless right now, try to find a rental place for me and my family because our current place in Manila is not a good place to be writing songs cause we are canned in one single room for good reasons though and try to have a Superstar mentality and be young at the same time, which i should have done in the first place. No rest for the wicked right, so why should i rest if their not resting, i already had yesterday as my rest day, today is sort of my rest day but i’m kinda plotting a few things for the next thirty days, Today is sort of a Prelude for tomorrow, I’m kinda planning ahead but the unpredictability of people and places will make things interesting, for now I’m working on “Ikot nang iyong Mundo” and the 30 day plot for my “Chasing the Superstar Life” campaign

Wish me luck cause I’m gonna need it, Er’body just live your life and be Young, Wild and Free





This will be a YouTube uploaded Audio Log series which tells you the Story of an Ex Soldier/ Ex Mafia Leader/ Rogue Mercenary named Joey Rice a.k.a. “Dreaming” of the year 2252. These is a Fictional Audio Log series set in the Far future and will be an Irregularly uploaded series, so tune in. 

Sometimes i wish people would learn when to feel alive when they feel depressed so that they can teach me the same thing and enhance it so that when i teach it to others, they will perfect it to the point that everybody won’t feel that depressed anymore, but wishes are just fantasies not reality

—I’m located close to your heart, because you won’t admit it, i need to say it because it’s necessary

I’m nervous right now!

One reason is because I’m about to launch my Indiegogo campaign but i don’t know if people will care enough to give me enough money for this freaking campaign of mine. I’m a stranger to others, I’m only known to my parents, my relatives, my friends, some XLR8 fans and past friends that i’m not even noticing anymore. I feel like i have a huge RIFT surrounding me, every time a Single Fuck was given to me, it enters the black hole that is my cynical non-caring self! I hate it! I FUCKING HATE IT! 

I just want to say that this Indiegogo campaign will make or break me as a person, this will either raise my self esteem or shatter it to little pieces. It’s all or nothing for me, $10,000! that’s all i need! that’s 500,000 pesos in this freaking country! I mean that will make ends meet for us for a total of ten months or so! If i start not thinking about myself and focus on my family for once! I mean it’s not like i’m about to not tell them about this campaign after it succeeds and it’s over (To be honest i’m not really gonna tell them about it if this campaign isn’t that successful but i promise you that i will if it succeeds).

One more thing that i want to say about this campaign is that i’m being ambitious! But it’s actually just an option for them to reach the amount of backers that i want! I want 100,000 backers in this campaign of mine, i mean Double Fine had 87,000 backers to their project, I want to break the record for “most backers in a single crowd funding site campaign”, who knows maybe this campaign will put me in the Guiness Book of World Records (If i’m spelling it correctly), anything is possible this days, I mean we have Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber in the Pop Scene right!

I’m gonna offer perks that are $2 at their lowest and $10,000 at their highest (Note: I haven’t really work on what perks i’m gonna offer to my future backers). If one generous single backer will take the $10,000 perk, My campaign will be successful, i will actually be happy with one backer on my campaign that will claim my $10,000 perk or 40 backers that will claim the $250 perk or any perk-backer combination in between those two perks, less work for me, but i’m gonna have to be very creative with the $250 and above perks i’m gonna offer, maybe i’m gonna offer my friendship to them in return if they claim the $250 perk. (By the way kids! that’s a bad idea to do in real life, especially if your not as grown up as me, I’m like 20 years old, I can do whatever i want because i have had an idle life for the past 15 years of my life, you kids have a lot of beautiful things ahead of you)

So in reality since I’m absolutely sure that i will never get 100,000 backers for my Indiegogo campaign because I know it’s so impossible, I’m gonna offer humiliating things to do if my campaign reach 100 K, 250 K, 500 K, 750 K or 1 million backers, hell if my backer numbers reach 2 million i might do all five humiliating things at the same time, as the number of backers becomes higher, the longer I’m gonna do those humiliating things all at once, If your into watching people humiliating themselves in the Interwebs! That’s only if my campaign reach that many backers within 33 days that the campaign will run and trust me that is so impossible, I mean how am i gonna collect 61 K backers each day, I’m gonna try to collect some influential people to help me spread the word for my Indiegogo campaign, but even their strangers to me, let alone me to them, Let’s see what happens Homies.

So that’s it i guess, I’m not really blogging for myself at this point … well actually i am since only one person is following my blog and i’m not even sure if they still exist or their really human in real life, i’m actually blogging for my family now since i’m dedicating my Indiegogo campaign for my family since they have sheltered me through the pain, suffering and disagreements we have with each other. I love them so much and God knows how much i want to ease the burdens of my parents. God Bless, Take Care and Have a Great Day Ahead.

A 72 hour limited time only song, after that it will be taken down or If you want, be posted on YouTube in the future

6th Trimester and Wednesdays, THE WORST!

Apparently this Trimester has been the worst for me in AMA Fairview. Controversy struck when the Distribution of Scholarships Forms where done early, for no apparent reason, I mean they fucking posted the dates for completion literally a week after they released our grades, Fuckin Hell! What was that about. And before that i was bashed for bashing a P.A.’s Fucked Up Bitchy attitude, i admit that it was wrong for me to bash her for the wrong doings that a group of people have been doing recently but she just have this Unfriendly and Unapproachable attitude when I’m trying to be humorous and she just replied in a manner that i don’t like, you know if she was younger i would have smacked her right in the face or even kicked her ass right next to the next block, so were just both wrong, but have the advantage because I’m more approachable attitude but with an Unapproachable face hehehe XD

You know what made me feel worse?! i got flack for Bashing a Bitch and no one backed me up. Not even the person whom i expected to do that for me, now i distrust her more than i respect her. She’s now a Bitch that i use to know, she say that she always go to St. Claire church, but when i went there for 9 straight days, she wasn’t even there, You Fucking Bitch! Good thing your near your Citizenship status and my mom distrust you or else i would have been led astray or you would have faced the Wrath of a Returning Bastard with the Claws of a Bitch!

Next, The School Directress resigned for no apparent reason, only to find later that she was taking a lot of money from the school without the permission of the Main owner school itself, FUCKIN HELL! You Bitch! What the hell are you thinking, if i was famous i would really say your name live on Philippine Television, give a Million Peso reward for her capture and make you explain why you resigned for no apparent, because i need to admit, a lot of what I’m hearing are apparently rumors but she still needs to explain her resignation properly or i will give ten police a million dollars each to torture her till she breaks her will to live.

Yes i have acquired a Cynical attitude; one factor would be The Three Bitches i mentioned earlier (Not gonna name them), second would be the Cynical Brit and third would be a best friend of mine that has been there for me since i started attending AMA Fairview. I think having a Cynical attitude is right now the it thing because i really want to piss of all the idiots who’s been fan boying or fan girling mindlessly without even thinking that their ruining the image of the person their admiring. Plus having lots of cynicism stored inside of you, especially when you have lots of crushes (Boys and Girls) like me, you can let that cynicism out and they wont easily know if they still have a crush on you or not, especially when they already know that you have a crush on them.

At least what came out of this Trimester is a change of attitude which makes me edgier, fiercer, braver and stronger. This attitude will let them know that I’m not to be messed with, Letting them know that I’m not the same guy that they used to know who was kind and caring whether my friends are doing well or not. As long as their all still alive, that’s how much i care about them right now, once in a while i nudge them to my old habit of craziness but other than that I’m not the least bit curious if it’s been a long time since they posted on Facebook, the Fuck do i care, they didn’t even greet me during my birthday why should i, if they posted a Facebook status, i read them, like it and comment, then move on, beyond that I don’t care the fuck anymore.

So there, no more drama, just an attitude that you will often see from me if you mess with me, So don’t be a dick, a bitch, a bastard, a motherfucker, an asshole or even a shithead to my life or you will face Hell, a Hell that you have never experienced before, A Hell that will break your will to live.

As of right now, My accounts are in Total Information White Wash

My Tumblr, Facebook (both Fan Page and Profile account) and My second twitter is in total Information White wash, pictures are inaccessible and can’t be seen completely unless you are able to hack my account in a manner and manage to change my settings.  Sometimes i need to just make my information not known to other in order for some of you to not get hurt by my actions, please do know that my life is not of your concern, it’s not that fixed yet, when my life is now fixed, maybe i could change my mind and let you see the new person i have been working on for myself , for the first time no one will know what I’m up to because I’m secretly doing something that will totally change your perspective of me as a person, watch out everybody because your gonna see the new me, He will be coming soon.